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Adult flirting pic swapping by Alison Greenon A reader writesI was hospitalized last week with a fever of lifethreatening proportions 103 F and was advised by my doctor to seek emergency room care immediately. Before I left the house I contacted my boss and two of my coworkers who usually cover for me when I am on vacation and told them the situation. It did not occur to me in my illnessinduced stupor to set up an away message on email or contact anyone else I thought wrongly that in this emergency situation my boss would take care of things while I was hospitalized and would take the necessary actions and contact the necessary people to inform them of my absence.After I was admitted I called HR to arrange for FMLA since I had no idea when I would be released and I would be able to come back to work. I did this because in the past my boss has not been understanding about legitimate medical issues Ive had and I wanted to cover myself and my job. Each morning while I was in the hospital I phoned into the office to inform my boss that I was still in the hospital so she knew where I was. I have been diagnosed with highly infectious flu and received several courses of strong antibiotics that have left me weak and exhausted.When I was finally released from the hospital and opened my email it was clear that she did